They’d promote the mullahs’ propaganda if they thought it would hurt the Trump administration, without caring how that hurts America.

Via Red State:

Yesterday, I covered a tweet sent out by The Washington Post’s Beirut Bureau Chief in which she seemingly blamed President Trump for Iran’s recent aggression.

This comes in the wake of Iran attacking two tankers in the Strait of Hormuz.

There’s a lot wrong with that description, starting with the idea that we should “heed” warnings from a rogue state. You can read the full story is here.

Today, more media outlets decided to shame their profession with their coverage of the incident.

One of the things we’ve seen in response to what happened is liberals pushing “false flag” conspiracy theories, i.e. the suggestion that the U.S. and/or Saudi Arabia set this attack up to falsely blame the innocent Mullahs in Iran. You know, because famously isolationist Donald Trump wants to go to war with Iran or something. Makes sense, right?

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More evidence: