Democrats flipped out after President Trump said that he might listen if a foreign ally had something negative to say about an opponent and not report the exchange to the FBI. He later explained should he, for example, refer French President Emanuel Macron to the FBI if Macron said he didn’t like a Trump opponent.

And Democrats didn’t seem to see the hypocrisy, given what the Democrats/Hillary Clinton did in paying for Russian information during the campaign. Clinton also sought information against Trump from the Ukrainians.

So the FEC Chair who is a Democrat put this out clearly trying to go after Trump.

So why hasn’t she gone after Hillary Clinton and the Democrats for what they did?

Turns out Ellen Weintraub, in addition to being a Democrat, also worked for Perkins Coie in the past, the very firm the DNC/Hillary hired to use Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele to get the Russian info.