So dumb.

SANTANGELO: “These guys are putting good swings on it, too. It’s just — it’s a lot of carry. It’s the bats, too. We were talking about this the other day, you remember, what was it, ’12, maybe ’13 when the bats were helicopter and everywhere — only a matter of time before somebody gets stabbed with a bat. Now, when do you see that? You rarely see a bat break violently anymore. I just think they’ve mastered the craft, whether it’s maple or ash or whatever they’re using now. We’ll show, you’ll see toothpicks flying around. Every once in a while, one will be on the ground past the pitcher, but not the violent helicopter spear thing that we saw for a couple of years anymore, and I think the bats plus the balls plus launch angles plus pitchers throwing hard plus global warming is why there’s so many home runs.”