And if you want to have a sense of who this person is, warning here’s what Moore posted and it’s vile.

Via Daily Caller:

Transgender actor Indya Moore tried to walk away with a Trump supporter’s sign Monday, then tried to play the victim after the man who owned the sign attempted to take it back by force.

Moore is seen on video trampling and then grabbing a massive sign with the words “Re-Elect Donald J. Trump, Keep America Great, 2020” emblazoned on the front, as a woman protests, “That is personal property honey!”

“Call the police” Moore says, and then starts walking away with the banner. A man wearing a MAGA visor then approaches Moore and attempts to grab the sign back. Another man immediately tries to intervene, and the owner of the sign gets more aggressive, shoving Moore several times. Moore in turn reaches over and swipes the MAGA visor off his head.

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