No complaints here.

Via Daily Wire:

A group of people who call themselves “birth strikers” are pledging not to to have children in order to save the Earth, according to CNN.

BirthStrike appears to be a small group — no more than 330 people so far — but the group’s members say the trend is growing, and that at least 80% of their membership is female.

One member, a musician, told CNN that the purpose of “BirthStrike” is to prevent an “ecological Armageddon” by voluntarily reducing the global population, but also to protect a future generation of humans from having to endure the after-effects of that same “ecological Armageddon,” including harsher weather and food insecurity.

“The BirthStrikers have decided they can’t bring children into a world where scientists predict climate change will bring bigger wildfires, more droughts, and food shortages for millions of people,” CNN reports. The group claims “climate change,” which is happening at a nearly negligible rate, is responsible for everything from sea level rise to war.

HT: Mike Opelka