They actually worked together on the public statement that would be made. Let’s just say that’s extremely unusual to accede to the requests of the defense like this, especially given they allegedly had so much evidence.

Via Hot Air:

Yesterday, Ed looked into parts of the trove of more than 300 documents from the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax that were released to the public. He focused on the way the Chicago PD was totally misled by Kim Foxx’s office in terms of whether there would be any sort of admission of guilt involved when the charges were suddenly and mysteriously dropped. That was bad enough, but it turns out there were more surprises waiting in the Friday document drop.

As the dismissal of the case approached, the Chief of the Criminal Prosecutions Bureau in Chicago, Risa Lanier, was texting madly back and forth with Smollett’s lawyers to make sure they were happy with the wording of the upcoming announcement. (NY Post)

Judge who helped illegal alien escape would like her salary reinstated
Prosecutors bent over backwards to keep Smollett’s lawyers happy, texts released by the state’s attorney’s office Friday night show.

“We are still bouncing around language to use in court tomorrow,” Risa Lanier, chief of the criminal prosecutions bureau, texted Smollett lawyer Patricia Brown Holmes on March 25, on the eve of the charges being dropped.

“As soon as I receive the final draft I will send it to you,” she promised.

Five hours later, Lanier does send the draft statement, apologizing, “Sorry for the delay.”

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