They were defending the action until it began getting conservative attention. Meanwhile liberal MSM basically ignored an actual attack on the press.

Via LA Times:

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott apologized Friday for his officers’ raid of a journalist’s home to identify a confidential source, and said he was referring his department’s investigation into the leak of a report on Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s death to another agency.

Scott’s public concession marked an abrupt reversal from just a few days ago, when he publicly stated his suspicion that journalist Bryan Carmody committed a crime by obtaining the secret report on Adachi’s death from a Police Department employee and selling the document as part of a package of reporting to local news outlets.

The change of heart came after Scott said he conducted a “top-to-bottom review” of the department’s inquiry into the leak of the Adachi report along with the May 10 raid of Carmody’s home and company office. The chief singled out the information police shared with the judges who signed off on the warrants.

“I am specifically concerned by a lack of due diligence by department investigators in seeking search warrants and appropriately addressing Mr. Carmody’s status as a member of the news media,” Scott said in a statement. “This has raised important questions about our handling of this case and whether the California shield law was violated.”

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