Blinded by hatred.

Via Newsbusters:

Both The New York Times and Washington Post blasted the free speech position taken by President Donald Trump last week.

World leaders, led by New Zealand, united around the Christchurch Call to demand stronger internet censorship. This followed the deadly Christchurch terror attack that killed 51 people. President Trump not only refused to sign on, but established a censorship reporting hotline.

That didn’t sit well with major liberal news outlets. Both The Washington Post and The New York Times have written scathing pieces blasting the Trump administration. The Post condemned Trump for waging an “evidence-free assault on social media sites for supposedly censoring conservative voices.”

Opinion writer at large Charlie Warzel wrote in The Times that while he understands that online content regulation can be a ”minefield of unintended consequences” he asserted that for Trump, “to turn one’s back on that commitment isn’t just lazy, its shameful.”

Much like Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, the liberal rhetoric on this has been schizophrenic. At the same time that they have stressed that this is a mere “ceremonial” or “informal international pact,” the media have expressed panic that Trump has refused to join.

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