Via Newsbusters:

The networks have suddenly discovered Congressman Justin Amash. After mostly ignoring him for the last two years, NBC, ABC and CBS hyped the Republican this weekend after the libertarian called for Donald Trump’s impeachment. On NBC’s Today, reporter Kristen Welker identified the Freedom Caucus as “far right.” She touted, “The President is under fire from a member of his own party, Michigan’s Republican Congressman Justin Amash, a member of the far-right Freedom Caucus and a frequent critic of the President.” How many Democratic caucuses get branded “far-left?”

She explained, “The first member of the GOP to raise the issue of impeachment, tweeting over the weekend, ‘President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct.’” Welker speculated, “The bigger question may be will Amash add fuel to the Democratic push for impeachment?” […]

It should be pointed out that the networks have virtually ignored Amash until now. According to Nexis, NBC hasn’t mentioned Amash’s name in the last two years — until his call for impeachment. The same is true of CBS. ABC was slightly aware of his existence: Four mentions in the last two years (before this weekend).

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