Thanks, Nancy Pelosi!

Via Daily Wire:

San Francisco’s homeless are running out of room in the city, so they’re gradually moving out onto the bay, constructing makeshift boats and barges and forming floating tent cities, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The city has always had a small population of people living on self-constructed houseboats, WSJ says, but recently, the cost of housing and San Francisco’s ensuing homelessness boom has driven more of the city’s transient population to consider living on the city’s famous bay.

Between 100 and 200 “barges, sailboats, and other mostly decrepit vessels” now litter the landscape.

In many cities that border a body of water, houseboats are common. In fact, San Francisco, like Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, London, and Amsterdam, has a significant houseboat community, though most of the Bay Area’s floating residences are moored across the Bay Bridge in Sausalito.

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