Code Pink has occupied the embassy and taunted the real Venezuelans protesting them outside. But the US Government is finally taking the complaints of Juan Guaido’s team seriously and are now tossing the leftists.

Here’s RT’s Anya Parampil allegedly stealing property of the embassy as they appear to be tossed out by police.

But an agent manages to get the property back.

RT and Mint Press journalists, Parampil and Rubinstein, were there, providing support and participating with the leftists.

Authorities had cut off the water and prevented food from getting into the building earlier.

This video of leftists whining about how illegal that is, is hilarious.


Code Pink is claiming there are still four people inside and that federal agents have left, although Medea Benjamin had admitted defeat about two hours ago.

So they may not have kicked them all out yet or Code Pink is spreading bull.