Talking Points Memo blog published a list of smears attacking a staffer on President Donald Trump’s political campaign after establishment media organizations passed on opposition research pushed by leftist Super PAC American Bridge.

The Talking Points Memo (TPM) article published Friday accuses Matt Wolking, a deputy director of communications for Rapid Response for the Trump campaign, of writing anti-Muslim comments on his personal blog in college.

The blog, “Wolking’s World,” featured mostly scraps of news followed by commentary and analysis, commonly found on blogs before the Twitter era.

TPM accuses Wolking of describing Muslims as “murderous thugs,” which stems from a post he wrote arguing that a poll showing that seven percent of Muslims supported the 9/11 attacks was alarming and not defensible.

Commenting on an article on the results of a Gallup poll of Muslims, Wolking criticized the tone and wrote, “They still can’t get around the fact that over 90 million Muslims are murderous thugs, a conservative estimate considering all of those who would rather not go on record as supporting terrorism, especially to a Western polling company.”

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