Really important to stop this, not just for the current agenda but because it’s wrong legally.

Via Daily Caller:

The Trump administration is searching for an appropriate case in which to ask the Supreme Court to end nationwide injunctions, Vice President Mike Pence announced Wednesday in Washington at a Federalist Society conference.

Nationwide injunctions, in which federal trial judges forbid the federal government from enforcing a law or carrying out a policy, have beset President Donald Trump since he took office, blocking administration policy priorities on immigration, national security and health care.

“The Supreme Court of the United States must clarify that district judges can decide no more than the cases before them — and it’s imperative that we restore the historic tradition that district judges do not set policy for the whole nation,” Pence told the conservative lawyers group.

“In the days ahead, our administration will seek opportunities to put this question before the Supreme Court — to ensure that decisions affecting every American are made either by those elected to represent the American people or by the highest court in the land,” Pence added.

Attorney General William Barr is involved in the effort, a source with knowledge of the process told The Daily Caller News Foundation. The solicitor general, who represents the U.S. government before the justices, answers to Barr.

Critics marshal a number of arguments against nationwide injunctions — they encourage forum shopping, in which lawyers manufacture a dispute in an ideologically friendly jurisdiction; make emergencies of ordinary cases; empower a single unelected judge to set policy for the whole country and undermine ordinary legal procedure in which multiple courts weigh in on the same legal question before it is resolved by the Supreme Court, a process called “percolation.”

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