Yes, amazing, how does your cult grow? With fake news shows and imaginary woes, and empty protesters all in a row…

Via Daily Caller:

MSNBC touted a group of kids who are skipping school every Friday to protest inaction on climate change in a broadcast Friday.

“In over 500 cities and 75 countries, these students are skipping school and taking to the streets,” host Stephanie Ruhle reported.

After struggling to comprehend a quote the movement is based on, Guthrie gave up and looped in a reporter on the ground. “Help me understand this. What is going on here?” she asked.

“Friday for Future is this idea of students skipping school on Friday to essentially say, ‘Look, why do I need to go to school if I don’t know the future based on the state of the planet?’” Savannah Sellers said. “That’s what these students have been doing for a long time. They have been skipping school.”

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