This, to media and Democrats, is an existential crisis.

Via The Blaze:

The numbers … This morning, first-quarter gross domestic product growth numbers were released. The Trump recovery continues with a booming 3.2 percent growth rate. The economy continues to explode despite the media trying to downplay it at every turn.

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Since the moment President Donald Trump took the oath of office, the media has worked overtime to undersell the booming economy. In July 2018, the Washington Examiner highlighted the media saying that the second-quarter GDP bump was “too big” and not to “buy it.” Back then, an MSNBC guest said that people were just stocking up on items because they were “worried about his [Trump’s] tariffs.”

In October, the media peddled doom and gloom and reacted with glee that the stock market had what in hindsight was a short contraction. Vox wrote an explainer on how it was Trump’s fault. CNN even made allusions to the “Great Depression.” Of course the market has almost recovered all the early October losses.

Just like in 1984, “It’s morning again in America.” The economy is booming and it’s touching all segments of society. Millions of people are financially better off than they were during the Obama administration.

While the nation rejoices, the media continue to be sad.

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