Totally crazy would be an understatement.

Via Fox News:

Sisters of two of the alleged Sri Lanka suicide bombers revealed Thursday that their siblings – who have been described by officials as “well-educated people” — became increasingly distant and “totally crazy” in the years leading up to the coordinated Easter Sunday massacre.

Their comments come as reports emerged that one of the bombers was let go by police after being arrested earlier at some point.

“He told male relatives off for trimming their beards and became angry and totally crazy,” Samsul Hidaya, who identified herself as the sister of suspected bomber Abdul Lathief Jameel Mohamed, told the Daily Mail. “So I just stopped speaking to him because it got to the point where it was getting out of hand.”

In an interview published Thursday, Hidaya confirmed reports that her brother – who was in his late 20s — studied abroad in the U.K. and Australia before returning to Sri Lanka. But she says after coming home from Down Under, he was “a different man”.

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