Via Newsbusters:

The liberal media gave Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar a pass yet again this week after she was criticized for making more offensive, unpatriotic comments. In a resurfaced 2017 tweet that went viral Monday, Omar attacked American troops who died in the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu (told in the book/movie Black Hawk Down) as killers. One of the few liberal media outlets to actually talk about the backlash Omar received was Newsweek, and they only did so to defend her outrageous comments.

Several people on the right, including Donald Trump Jr. criticized Omar on Twitter. Trump actually called out the media for letting Omar off the hook for saying, “American forces” were responsible for killing “thousands of Somalis” with the hashtag, “#NotTodaySatan:”

Newsweek instead, decided to bash Trump Jr. for calling out Omar, saying he “says” Omar “thinks American troops are killers:”

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