And that’s the point of yelling at Mexico, Democrats.

Via Daily Wire:

Mexican authorities are reportedly cracking down on migrant caravans from Guatemala and Honduras traveling through southern Mexico, and Monday night, Mexican immigration authorities arrested nearly 400 illegal immigrants near the town of Pijijiapan, not far from Mexico’s border with Guatemala.

The Associated Press reports that journalists, traveling alongside the caravan, witnessed hundreds of migrants, at the “tail end” of the 3,000 person group, being detained and arrested by Mexican immigration officials, “wrestling migrants into police vehicles for transport and presumably deportation.”

Raids continued throughout the day on Monday, with immigrants reporting they were being “hunted” by immigration official and targeted for deportation back to Central America.

This is the second wave of mass detentions. The first came last week near Mapastepec, after the Mexican government closed a visa office there and demanded the migrant caravans turn around and return home or face arrest and deportation.

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