He hasn’t forgotten about them, the biggest group of illegal aliens, but easier to track.

Via Free Beacon:

President Donald Trump is ordering the Departments of State and Homeland Security to take all steps in their power to reduce the currently hundreds of thousands of people who overstay temporary visas every year.

A presidential memorandum, issued Monday afternoon, instructs the secretaries of State and Homeland Security to outline within 120 days recommendations for how to reduce visa overstays, especially from the 28 countries from which more than 10 percent of arrivals overstay their visas. The memorandum also instructs the secretaries to take all steps currently in their power to cut visa overstays, and orders a review of the visa waiver program.

“What we’re doing here is shutting a backdoor for illegal immigration,” an administration official told the Washington Free Beacon. “This is part of the administration’s comprehensive approach to combating illegal immigration.”

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