Just a couple of sweet girls.

Via The Ledger:

AVON PARK — Two Avon Park Middle School girls are facing charges that they planned to kill nine people.

Delaney M. Barnes and Solonge N. Green, both 14, were arrested after a teacher at the school called law enforcement to report that they were acting “hysterical” in her class while looking for a folder.

The teacher told Highlands County Sheriff’s Office investigators that the girls said they were going to get arrested while looking for the folder and saw them looking through other students’ backpacks.

According to the girls’ arrest affidavits, Solonge then said, “I’m just going to tell them it’s a prank if they call me or if they find it.”

When the teacher found the folder and opened it, she saw a letter talking about “guns.” She then notified the school resource deputy and school administration.

Handwritten letters were found in a folder with “Private Info” written on the tab, according to court records. The folder also had “Do not open” and “Project 11/9” written on the exterior.

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