Via Fox News:

In headlines that mirror a horror flick, an elderly dog in Russia recently shocked its owners when it returned from the grave, alive and well, after being accidentally buried alive.

Two sisters in the village of Novonikolsk, Primorsky Krai, recently buried their 18-year-old dog named Dik after he remained motionless “for a long time,” apparently having passed away in his sleep, International Business Times reports.

The heartbroken owners took the pooch to a local pet cemetery and said what they thought would be goodbye forever — but Dik had other plans.

Reportedly laid to rest in a shallow grave, Dik was able to dig himself out of the earth, and was soon found “exhausted” on the side of a road by passersby. The rescuers took the pup to Otkroi Svoe Serdtse (Open Your Heart) animal shelter, where officials shared photos of the lost dog to social media, according to The Daily Mirror. Catching wind of the news, Dik’s overwhelmed owners were able to retrieve him again.

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