Via Fox News:

LAS VEGAS — With each passing day, hundreds of World War II veterans are laid to rest – but, their stories of sacrifice, resilience and victory are forever etched in American history.

As the 75th anniversary of D-Day approaches, organizations like Forever Young, help ensure that the Greatest Generation is never forgotten. The group is sending more than a dozen veterans to France to revisit the place where they gave up so much.

“Their stories of sacrifice are so important. If they’re not told then they’re gone forever,” Forever Young founder Diane Hight said. “We just care about these men and women and we want to give back to them. We want to honor them.”

Onofrio “No-No” Zicari, from Geneva, New York was just 21 when he waded through the water onto Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 before getting pinned down by gunfire.

“We had the beach secured,” No-No recalled. “We had to go down and clean up the bodies on the beaches because we had new troops coming in. I told them I’m not going to touch anybody, I’ll pick up the equipment but I’m not touching no soldiers … but they were picking up the bodies and throwing them on this pick-up truck and they were bringing them up to wherever they were going to be buried.”

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