Nothing a little “interfaith” outreach can’t fix, right?…

Coptic Church leaders across Europe have revealed they have been the target of threats in the wake of the New Year’s Day bomb attack in Egypt.

A priest in Paris has made a complaint to police which has led to an inquiry by the anti-terror squad, reports say.

A senior official in the UK says threats have been “outlined” against two churches, and a bishop in Germany has called for government protection.

The Alexandria bombing killed 21 people as worshippers left midnight mass.

The security concerns in Europe come days before Coptic communities celebrate Christmas on 7 January.

Girguis Lucas, a priest at the Coptic Church of St Mary and St Mark in Paris, told AFP news agency that a member of his congregation had spoken of internet threats “from Islamic mujahideen who announced more attacks in Europe and especially in France and mentioned our church”.

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