Via Politico:

When the Senate took contentious votes this week on a disaster aid package to help California rebuild after wildfires, Sen. Kamala Harris was in Sacramento — courting the support of labor unions for her presidential campaign.

A day later, Harris was stumping in Nevada when she missed a Tuesday vote on the start of a Republican maneuver to speed up confirmation of President Donald Trump’s judicial and executive branch nominees. Harris was still in Nevada Wednesday when the Senate took more votes, including a historic vote in which Senate Republicans used the so-called nuclear option to finalize their plan to expedite Trump’s nominees.

The missed votes highlight the challenge she and five of her Democratic Senate colleagues face as they struggle to balance their day jobs with the increasing demands of a presidential campaign. Complicating their decisions of when to campaign is the ascent of former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, whose unemployment gives him the freedom to crisscross the country while cable news shows cut in live to his midday events. Former Vice President Joe Biden, should he run, also would not be tethered to the Capitol.