Maybe all those who pushed a fake story for two years, like Chris, should show some shame and resign.

Via Daily Wire:

Should a person who was just determined to have not committed a crime still resign in shame?

That seems to be what MSNBC host Chris Matthews was suggesting during a panel discussion on “Morning Joe.” Matthews and his fellow panelists were discussing the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which found “no evidence” of collusion between President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia. The topic turned, naturally, to another major American investigation involving a president — Richard Nixon.

“I think Nixon had shame,” Matthews said. “It may not have been moral shame, but was political shame. He knew he blew it.”

Matthews then explained that Nixon “got caught up” in various scandals, including one during his first campaign in 1946, when he accused incumbent Democrat opponent Jerry Voorhis of having communist ties. Switching back to Nixon resigning as president over the Watergate scandal, Matthews suggested Trump should do the same.

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