Via Fox News:

Most would agree that it’s important to stay active in the later years of life, but 84-year-old Florence “Flo” Fillion Meiler is taking that to a new level.

The Vermont native is heading to Poland next Thursday for the World Masters Athletics Championship Indoor where she will compete in events including the long jump, 60-meter hurdles, 800-meter run, pentathlon and her specialty, the pole vault.

Her favorite events are the hurdles and the pole vault – the sport which sees competitors launch themselves over a high bar with a fiberglass pole.

“You really have to work at that,” she said. “You have to have the upper core and you have to have timing, and I just love it because it’s challenging.”

In that particualr category, she will literally have no competition – because she’s the only woman in her age group of 80-84 year olds. Despite her easy win, she’s not slowing down her exercise.

“You know, I do train five days a week,” she said. “And when I found out I was going to compete at the Worlds, I’ve been training six days a week because I knew I would really get my body in shape.”

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