The very idea of a “free speech area” is contrary to actual free speech and the First Amendment.

Via Campus Reform:

Students tabling for Georgia Southern University’s chapter of Turning Point USA were told by both the school’s administration and campus police that they had to jump through a number of bureaucratic hoops in order to table on campus.

In an audio recording, obtained by Campus Reform, an individual can be heard telling the students “it’s not a matter of reserving the spot. It’s just in order to be on campus doing stuff like this, you have to abide by the campus rules….you have to like, fill out the paperwork.”

The students also go into a building to talk to an administrator, who explains to them the school policy against “soliciting.”

“There is a free speech area, but you have to reserve it,” she tells the students, adding “you can’t just show up on campus because that’s when the soliciting starts happening.”

When the students offer to move to the “free speech area,” the administrator explains that they would have had to reserve the space in advance and that such a reservation would take “probably two to three days for us to process.” She then offers to email the students a copy of the school’s policy against “soliciting,” adding that if the students were to reserve the space, they would have to use the school’s equipment for tabling “so you don’t look different from the rest of the people.”

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