Via Daily Caller:

Former Democratic Texas Rep. and current presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke refused to say if he’d support a bill that would ban infanticide while speaking Wednesday afternoon at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.

A student asked O’Rourke how he’d vote on the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, a bill that would provide babies who survive an attempted abortion with medical care and legal protections equivalent to other had it passed in the Senate last month.

“I wanted to ask you about a recent bill that just went through the senate about two weeks ago and the bill was that if an abortion was performed on a viable fetus and the fetus survived the abortion, the doctor would then be compelled to give that living baby the same care as any other pregnancy baby that came out and put that baby through the care,” the student asked. “Would you support this bill that does not in any way limit abortion? It simply seeks to keep babies alive that have been born alive.”

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