Why it’s important to have an intact Constitution.

Via Daily Caller:

Police want to question Catholic U.K. journalist Carline Farrow for allegedly “misgendering” a transgender activist’s daughter on Twitter. If she doesn’t show up for a taped interview, she has been told she will be arrested.

Since receiving a message from Guildford police Monday night, Farrow (pictured above, right) has been doxxed, her children and husband have been sexually and violently threatened and she has been called names like “p*ssy” and “c*nt.” Enemies siding with the activist, Susie Green, have also signed up her and her husband for porn accounts. Farrow published the offending tweets in September after appearing on Good Morning Britain, co-hosted by Piers Morgan, who has gotten himself in various pickles with the transgender community for not being sensitive enough back during interviews when he worked at CNN.

Back in 2014, Morgan had his nuts handed to him by Janet Mock, a transgender woman, after she appeared on his show to promote her book. She claimed he asked inappropriate questions. “Going to bed. What an annoying day,” Morgan tweeted just before 2 a.m. at the time. Mock claimed he mistreated her by stating that she’d been a male prior to the age of 18.

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