This is one of her more insane rants, with bonus Southern accent and race-baiting, to add to “why I lost version 4,503.” Complete fantasy conspiracy theory. And she lies about the number of people who voted in Georgia.

Via Mediaite:

In her speech to mark the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, AL, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said because the Supreme Court “gutted” the Voting Rights Act, she lost the state of Wisconsin in the 2016 presidential election due to people being turned away because of their skin color.

Clinton said there are people in the country who are determined to undermine voting rights.

“They are motivated every single day to try to pull back rights, to try to suppress rights, to try to prevent people from fulfilling their own God-given potential. They did go to work and they found a receptive Supreme Court who came up with the most absurd decision. This is, in many ways, the most absurd,” she said. “The Congress is supposed to legislate based on evidence and facts, and we did. The Supreme Court says, ‘You don’t need that anymore. We don’t need that voting rights stuff. You don’t need to hold states and municipalities accountable. We are beyond all that now.’ What nonsense. Absolute, absurd nonsense.”

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