Prom is a privielege not a right.

Via BPR:

Socialism invariably destroys everything it touches, including even proms.

Back in the day, some kids used to enjoy saving up enough money through the semester so they could rent a lavish limo for their year-end senior prom. But thanks to the socialist mindset of one New Jersey school’s officials, this tradition is no more.

According to Trenton radio station WKXW, officials at Lakeland Regional High School made a decision this year to ban students from driving to their prom or renting a limo. Instead, every student must pay $15 to be driven to the prom at Rockleigh Country Club on a chaperoned bus.

The decision was made “based on the concern over the safety of all our students and in providing equity for all students so that they all could enjoy a shared ‘prom experience’ despite socioeconomic status, and based on the success that other districts have demonstrated utilizing this practice,” the school’s superintendent, Hugh E. Beattie, said.

He doubled down on this socialist rhetoric during a brief interview with New York station WABC, saying, “We have students from various socioeconomic backgrounds, and we wanted to provide an even playing field for all students.”

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