Hoaxes and dictator’s lies are real, they don’t need an allegedly or questioning.

Via Daily Wire:

Just two weeks after ABC News embarrassed itself by interviewing alleged hate-crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett without any questions regarding the implausibility of his claims, the media outlet has done it again.

ABC’s Tom Llamas flew to Venezuela to interview Dictator Nicolas Maduro and gave the leader free rein to lie about America without any tough questions and very little pushback.

“Tonight, the tension building in Venezuela’s power struggle. Aid trucks set on fire over the weekend, as opposition groups tried in vain to bring over much-needed food and medical supplies, donated by the United States. Tonight, in a rare interview inside of his presidential palace, Nicolas Maduro telling ABC News he believes the U.S. is preparing a military invasion to get him out,” Llamas, a correspondent and weekend anchor, said at the beginning of the broadcast.

Throughout the report, Maduro makes numerous false statements, while Llamas, in a voiceover, seems eager to defend the dictator and find fault in the Trump administration. For example, Maduro claims, without evidence, that the U.S. “wants Venezuela’s oil and they’re having to go to war for that oil.”

Instead of correcting the record, Llamas pivots to point out that Vice President Mike Pence met with Venezuela Interim President Juan Guaido “and other South American leaders opposed to Maduro.” In fact, America doesn’t need Venezuela’s oil, nor is our country in need of it. America is now a net exporter of oil. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that the U.S. “is now the largest global crude oil producer in the world.”

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