The governor is putting an end to an immoral mission.

Via Military Times:

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers ordered the state’s National Guard troops to withdraw from the border with Mexico Monday, drawing the ire of a Republican congressman from Illinois who says he serves in the Wisconsin National Guard and the border mission is honorable.

Former Republican Gov. Scott Walker ordered troops to Arizona in June to assist with administrative duties along the border. Evers, a Democrat, issued an executive order Monday withdrawing them. Evers announced the order late Monday afternoon.

The governor said about 112 troops are currently serving in Arizona but keeping the borders safe and protecting immigrants seeking asylum is the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s job. He said there’s not enough evidence to support Republican President Donald Trump’s declaration that a national emergency exists and there’s no justification for Wisconsin troops to remain.

“I cannot support keeping our brave service men and women away from their families without a clear need or purpose that would actively benefit the people of Wisconsin or our nation,” Evers said.

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