You knew that was coming, right? But in this case, it might even be true, because he was getting drugs from Abel Osundairo.

Via Daily Wire:

The “hate hoax” story that has gripped the nation’s attention for the past few weeks continues to add new wrinkles. The latest: that embattled “Empire” star Jussie Smollett allegedly told police when he surrendered himself on Thursday that he has an untreated drug problem.

The report comes from TMZ, which has been tracking the twisting and turning celebrity “hate crime attack” saga from the beginning. The police report on the alleged hate hoax appears to back up the premise, specifying that Smollett, “on several occassions,” obtained drugs from one of the co-conspirators.

“Jussie told police, during his arrest, he has a drug problem … one for which he’s never been treated,” TMZ reported in an update on its report on the Smollett charges Thursday. “That could become relevant later in the case because, as we reported, cops say Jussie bought ecstasy from Abel. IF he were convicted, a drug issue could be a mitigating factor that gets his sentenced reduced.” TMZ also notes that Smollett “answered ‘no’ to alcohol or mental health problems.”

In the bond report released Thursday, Chicago PD provided the following description of Smollett’s relationship with Abel Osundairo, one of the alleged co-conspirators (emphasis added):

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