Damn Femi-Nazis. Update to this story.


People driving through downtown Sarasota were greeted with a shocking sight by a familiar statue – graffiti.

Overnight, someone spray painted “#MeToo” on the Unconditional Surrender statue alone U.S. 41 near Marina Jacks. Police say they were called to the scene at North Gulfstream Avenue and Bayfront Drive shortly before 1am and discovered the graffiti, which they estimate caused $1,000 in damage. Police say they was no available surveillance video of the area and no known witnesses.

Genevieve Judge, spokesman for Sarasota Police, said, “We’re not sure what they had in mind. It’s just heartbreaking they’d take matters to this iconic statue that’s a piece of art we have here in the city, and so, it’s under investigation, we’re trying to figure out exactly who did this.”

Gorilla Kleen, the company that regularly cleans the statue for the arts committee, saw our news alerts Tuesday morning around 8:30am about the statue being vandalized. They immediately went to the statue, even though they weren’t contracted to clean it and aren’t being paid, to begin the process of removing the graffiti from the statue.

In around 45 minutes, the company had completely restored the statue, removing all of the graffiti using a special chemical and hot water and plenty of elbow grease.

John Cloud, owner of Gorilla Kleen, said, “It’s just sad to see anyone in this day and age to choose to purposely do damage to something that brings great pride to the community. It’s one of our most iconic pieces here.”

The graffiti came after news on Monday of the passing of 95-year-old George Mendonsa. He is the sailor captured in a photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt kissing Greta Zimmer Friedman, a dental assistant in a nurse’s uniform, on Aug. 14, 1945 in Times Square. Known as V-J Day, it was the day Japan surrendered to the United States.

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