They can’t explain how it would actually change anything that they think is happening from emissions, or how it would really effect a change if it only applies to the U.S.

Via Daily Wire:

Last week democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled her “Green New Deal,” and the responses have come fast and furious from the political and commentariat classes, with supporters on the left rushing to defend it and critics on the right holding it up for ridicule. But what do average people think about the GND, including AOC’s supporters?

Campus Reform took some time to talk with a few self-styled progressive students last week and learned that when they heard some of the goals spelled out in AOC’s since-deleted explainer and FAQ, their confidence in her plan waned dramatically. In a lengthier man-on-the-street video posted this week that has begun to garner some attention, including over at Hot Air, “Barely Informed With Elad” went to a Green New Deal rally in New York City to ask supporters to explain how exactly the proposal would accomplish its ultimate goal: turning back the “climate change crisis.”

In the video, Elad — a conservative filmmaker who says he “like[s] reporting on protests and talking to the people there to find out what’s wrong” and finds “they usually aren’t sure” — speaks with a number of GND supporters, most of whom appear to be relatively informed about the plan’s initiatives. His central question: Even if the U.S. were somehow able to reach its goal of “net-zero emissions” in ten years, as laid out by AOC, how would that actually impact the climate significantly enough to result in real change?

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