Pelosi was elsewhere.

Via Breitbart:

Angel Families flooded into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office Wednesday questioning why their many requests for meetings with the speaker went unanswered, with German immigrant Angel Mom Sabine Durden asking why illegal aliens “always get a better deal” than American citizens.

“Before I came from Germany to America, I had to fill out paperwork,” Durden explained. “And I was married to a service member. My son was born here–all that.”

Durden’s only son, Dominic, was killed by Guatemalan national Juan Zacarias Tzun, who was in the country illegally when he hit and killed the 30-year-old man. Tzun had two prior drunk driving convictions and no driver’s license before the crash. He received just a 90-day sentence on a conviction of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter without gross negligence.

“I had to sign paperwork that I could not accept or will never receive any assistance,” she went on. “But yet we know who receives welfare and gets the golden and the red carpet treatment.”

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