Can’t interfere with abortion on demand even up to birth.

Via Daily Caller:

Obstetrician and GOP Rep. Roger Marshall of Kansas said on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday that mothers will die as a result of New York state’s late-term abortion law.

“Nobody in America thinks that murdering a baby just minutes before delivery is right. That this is the most barbaric law that’s been written in American history,” Marshall said.

“But what no one is talking about is that this is actually very, very dangerous for moms. That moms are going to die from this procedure. So as an obstetrician, I’ve delivered thousands of babies. And if I can make one thing clear, I’ve never done an abortion. But as an obstetrician, I have to take care of all those complications. So the later the … abortion is done the greater risk there is to the mom as well.”

Marshall said late-term abortions can cause physical complications that will send women to the emergency room.

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