Because they’ll be faced with the reality that they virtually deny publicly now, that while they’ll promise you everything, they’ll deliver what government always does- poor service. And remember how they’ve also said they will get rid of any private insurance, so you wouldn’t have an option.

Via Twitchy

Dan Riffe, “policy guy” for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, told old people that a future public healthcare option will not pay for things like hip replacements. Here’s a screenshot because for some odd reason he deleted it.

He did take it back, but proposed instead that the government limit other types of surgeries for the elderly:

I take it back. We’ll do the hip replacements. Many reconstructive surgeries are medically ill-advised for folks past a certain age b/c recovery is too difficult, but apparently that’s not the case with this particular one. I do policy, not orthopedics.

— Every Billionaire Is A Policy Failure (@DanRiffle) February 12, 2019

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