How to kill a campaign by revealing you’re an idiot.

Via Twitchy:

Is it just our imagination or does Kamala Harris remind you of the embarrassing mom trying to hang out with her daughter and the other cool kids to prove how hip she really is? Ok, we get it, AOC gets far more media time than Kamala and this will get her some much-needed attention considering Biden hasn’t even really announced he’s running in 2020 and he’s beating her by double digits in polls already but c’mon … co-sponsoring this dumpster fire? Really?

There’s no way Kamala read this thing.

No. Way.

Sure, she’s a raving Leftist with some crazy ideas of her own but even SHE must know there is no way to rebuild all the buildings and get rid of airplanes and create a chocolate river … oh wait, that was just something this editor wanted to happen.

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