Infanticide is women’s health care.

Via Townhall:

A sitting Governor describes a baby being born alive, intact and whole and then describes a death panel’s decision over whether that born child should live or die.

That was the moment I saw it happen.

Oh because he was a physician and had at some point(s) in his history delivered a child or two whose life hasn’t ended in a “post-birth abortion” we were supposed to trust that he cared about all kids.

In his multiple back-to-back days’ worth of press conferences reading prepared statements we were told that we weren’t supposed to question his thoughts on the care of children. After all, even in the original incident, he said that the baby would be offered “comfort” before the death panel decided if that same “comforted” child would be given vital life-saving care or simply allowed to perish.

But here’s a rather obvious question, “If it’s not a living child, capable of feeling pain, why is comfort necessary?”

See the Left in America is so drunk on their newfound power they’ve lost any sense of sober articulation of their beliefs.

Rush Limbaugh has well said for many years “If the Left (Democrats) ever told America what they actually believed they’d never win another election.”

He has been correct, he may still well be.

The recoil over the Virginia governor’s grotesque peeks behind the curtain over “born alive” babies were but one in the latest string of abortion-mania that Democrats have been feeding on.

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