Once upon a time Catholic leadership was a bulwark against the crazy. That’s exactly what excommunication is for – to call out such sin.

Via Daily Wire:

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan is refusing to excommunicate Governor Andrew Cuomo from the Catholic Church despite the fact he just enshrined into state law one of the most radical abortion measures in United States history, ensuring that women have a “fundamental right” to kill their babies at any time throughout the pregnancy if an authorized abortionist determines in “good faith” that it would “protect the patient’s life or health.” Under the new law, a woman in New York can literally abort her baby just one day prior to its due date.

After New York enacted the abortion law, Catholics across the country immediately demanded that Cardinal Timothy Dolan excommunicate Cuomo from the Catholic Church, arguing his actions were too egregious to be met with a simple statement of condemnation. Two of Cardinal Dolan’s colleagues, Bishop Richard Stika of Knoxville and Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, were emphatic in their calls for the excommunication of Cuomo.

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