They just wouldn’t stop.

Via Daily Wire:

It wasn’t enough that the New York Daily News tried to portray Covington Catholic kids at a “blackout” basketball game as being racist. And it wasn’t enough that people posted additional videos claiming, without evidence, that the Covington students demeaned women prior to the video that sparked national outrage due to bad and biased reporting.

Now, even as media outlets apologize for the initial reporting or try to cover their tracks by pretending they were merely rushing “to keep up” with a developing story, some are doubling and tripling down, trying to prove their rush to judgement was justified because those kids and that school really are that terrible.

Enter NBC.

In a tweet sent Tuesday night, the left-leaning outlet insinuated that a gay student was banned from speaking at the school’s graduation because he was gay.

“A gay student who was barred by the Covington diocese from speaking at his 2018 graduation, is ‘not surprised’ by the Covington Catholic High School video,” NBC News tweeted.

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