He’s also a member of the radical group AIM and waded into the group of boys with photographer/s in tow, then falsely claimed that the boys were harassing the “four old black men” as opposed to the facts, that the boys were being harassed by the vile cult group, the Black Israelites.

Via Daily Wire:

The Native American man at the center of the controversy involving a group of Trump-supporting high school boys from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky has a history of claiming disrespect and racism by students.

Nathan Phillips of Ypsilanti claimed in April 2015 that a group of students at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) were “racist” toward him after he approached them while they were participating in an American Indian theme party.

“They had little feathers on, I was just going to walk by,” Phillips claimed. “A group of them said ‘Come on over, come here.'”

“Then started whooping and hollering,” Phillips continued. “I said that wasn’t honoring, that was racist. Then at that time, it really got ugly.”

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