Gillette, weak enough for a metrosexual.

Via BPR:

Egard Watches, a 7-year-old manufacturing company, and distributor of intricately designed “timepieces,” published a formal “response” to Gillette’s controversial “toxic masculinity” ad.

Published on YouTube Tuesday, two days after Gillette published an advertisement that appeared to smear all men as predatory bullies suffering from so-called “toxic masculinity,” Egard Watches’ ad instead celebrates the many sacrifices men make daily in their lives on behalf of others.

“What is a man? Is a man brave? Is a man a hero? Is a man a protector? Is a man vulnerable? Is a man disposable? Is a man broken? Is a man trying? We see the good in men,” a narrator says as shocking statistics about the reality of manhood appear across the bottom of the screen.

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HT: Erik Wynstra