First she blames them saying there are security concerns because of the shutdown and, oh, they’re not getting paid. Once that lie was busted, now she doesn’t care what they have to say? She just wanted an excuse to cancel Trump’s SOTU to shut off his opportunity to argue for the wall before the House and the American people.

Via Daily Caller:

WASHINGTON—House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Wednesday night she “doesn’t care” if the Secret Service said it was prepared to appropriately secure the State of the Union address despite the partial government shutdown.

Instead, she stood firm in her resolve to delay the January 29 event until the government completely re-opens.

In a letter to President Trump, Pelosi claimed the lack of funds to Homeland Security posed a risk to the White House and the Congress during the event, but the Department of Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen released a statement refuting that. She shared that statement in a Tweet:

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