Nan is worried about security…hers.

Via Daily Mail:

The State of the Union address isn’t canceled – yet. But Republicans and Democrats exchanged rhetorical fire on Wednesday over whether or not the Secret Service can handle the January 29 event given that officers and agents are working without pay.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cited security in her request that President Donald Trump postpone the event during the partiail government shutdown. Homelans Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen insisted her agency is up to the task. House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer fired back that with the Secret Service lacking shutdown-furloughed support staff, Congress shouldn’t take any chances.

Hoyer had already mangled his party’s messaging by appearing to say on CNN that the annual spectacle had already been called off.

He said that as long as the federal government is in the midst of a partial shutdown, Trump won’t be welcome to deliver the speech to a Joint Session of Congress as scheduled.

Hoyer declared ‘the State of the Union is off,’ but meant that only if the shutdown isn’t over.

He told after the CNN interview that Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal ‘to plan business as usual’ applied ‘when the government of the country is partially shut down.’

Pelosi wrote to Trump on Wednesday, asking him to delay his speech but not formally disinviting him.

A Hoyer spokesperson said in an email that ‘Mr. Hoyer had not read Speaker Pelosi’s letter and mischaracterized it’ on CNN.

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