Test run.

Via Townhall:

Folks in Washington were fooled by a fake version of The Washington Post on Wednesday. The newspaper appeared with the date May 1, 2019 and featured the main headline, “Unpresidented: Trump hastily departs White House, ending crisis.” The fake version of the paper included anti-Trump and pro-progressive stories.

The Post’s public relations department took to Twitter to let readers know that was not the actual version of their publication:

There are fake print editions of The Washington Post being distributed around downtown DC, and we are aware of a website attempting to mimic The Post’s. They are not Post products, and we are looking into this.
— Washington Post PR (@WashPostPR) January 16, 2019

Later in the day, the “trickster activist collective” called the Yes Men took responsibility for creating the paper as well as a fake website that resembled The Post’s. The website eventually went dark late Wednesday.

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