A feel-good boondoggle for the local politicians.

Via Miami Herald:

As children played nearby in bounce houses and a DJ spun celebratory records, civic-minded felons in Miami Gardens exercised their newly restored voting rights Saturday during a voter registration drive organized by city officials following the passage of constitutional Amendment Four.

Mayor Oliver Gilbert, who danced along to the music and enjoyed the food offerings, said the event was about bringing his community together and welcoming those citizens who for too long could not make their voices heard through elections.

“It’s the idea of community,” he said. “I want everyone to come register, come with your kids, have fun, be engaged.”

By 1 p.m., about 20 felons had registered to vote at the event, which was hosted at Miami Carol City Park, and many more were expected to follow. One such voter was Marolin Trotter, 61, a Liberty City resident who last voted in the 1996 presidential election for Bill Clinton.

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