Democrats were actually doing everything they accused Republicans of.

Via Daily Caller:

The founder of one of the groups reportedly behind a misinformation campaign during the 2017 Alabama special election appeared to confirm elements of a ruse in a 2017 tweet, despite denying the caper in recent reports.

Jonathon Morgan, the founder of New Knowledge (NK), denied knowledge of his group’s intent to create Twitter accounts posing as Russian bots to torpedo Republican Roy Moore’s senatorial bid. Morgan’s social media history casts doubt on his contentions.

“Russian trolls tracked by #Hamilton68 are taking an interest in the AL Senate race. What a surprise,” Morgan wrote in a Nov. 10, 2017 tweet, which mentioned Hamilton68, a dashboard operated by the Alliance for Securing Democracy.

His tweet came less than a month before NK reportedly created an internal report documenting crucial elements of the campaign. Morgan’s comments also suggests he was speaking about the alleged Russian bots as if they were a matter of fact.

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